Köln und Berlin

May 25, 2011

Belgium, I will miss you dearly… but Berlin is always a good time!

We decided to get off in Cologne to visit the famous Kolsch Dom. The Cathedral is located right outside of the Hauptbahnhof and is enormous. Religious pilgrims visiting the Cathedral in the Middle Ages must have been moved by the beauty and power that the structure possesses. After a few hours we reboarded our train towards Berlin. On board, Josh got his first experience with Curry Wurst, sliced sausage with ketchup and curry powder, as well as a .5L glass of beer. 5 hours later, we were greeted by Barbara, an excentric but charming East Berliner that took us in like a mother. Her 3 year old son William also came to welcome us at the Hauptbahnhof. We got situated in her apartment in, got on the U-Bahn at Frankfurter Allee towards Alexanderplatz, and started our long trek towards the Bundestag. The walk was long but inspiring and because the trains were not running, we had to catch a cab back home. So Schemckt Berlin…






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