The Vasa

November 21, 2009

The Vasa was a 17th century warship created in the docks of Stockholm that sank on it’s maiden voyage. During construction, the king demanded another row of gun ports, but the Swedish ship builders never had experience in double deck ships before. A ship requires a ballace to make sure it’s secure and can take the rocking of the waves. Wooden ships were filled stones to serve the purpose but the second level of gunports was built too low and not enough stones could be placed inside. As it sailed in the bay of Stockholm, its tall masts took a light wind, rocking it just enough to let water into the gun ports. Slowly, the civilians watched the Vasa sink.

Three centuries later, the Swedish navy discovered a way to lift the wreck by digging holes under the ship and lacing it with strong iron wire. The ship was found with all its cannons, booty, skeletons, etc… Currently it’s housed in the Vasa museum. Its masts are so tall that they actually go through the roof of the building and are clearly visible across the bay.

Olympic Games 1912

Our friend’s house

Nordic Museum

This measures the cleanliness of the air in real time

Ski and snowboarding competition

A cannon ball found witht he Vasa ship

One of the many cannons found with the Vasa

A 50’s era diving suit.

A model showing how the enormous ship was raised.

The front of the ship

A wax model believed to be an exact replica of one of the skeletons found in the wreck

His real skeleton

The adouring lion woodcut

Nordic Museum

Bridge leading to the Vasa museum

The back of the Vasa

Also the back from another angle

What it looked like when it was completed with its paint intact.

The double rowed gun ports.


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