Brussels ab > Munich an

October 26, 2009


General John Pershing was US general officer during WWI and was instrumental to US success abroad. He was promoted to General of the Armies, the second highest ranking, second only to George Washington. After the Spanish-American war, Theodore Roosevelt wanted to promote him to a colonel but at the time, promotions were based on seniority. It posed a problem for the president, since he can only promote generals and 1905 he gave Pershing the ranking of brigadier general.


French and Belgian WWI medals


WWI medals from Serbia, Montenegro, and Romania


An Imperial Russian soldier


Aerial view of an Imperial German fighter plane


The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in 1918 was a cease fire between the Central Powers and Russia and marked the newly created Soviet state’s exit from the war. The Central Powers allowed for a cease fire to concentrate their efforts on the Western front.


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