Neumarkt Oberpfalz

October 10, 2009

The entrance to the Nurnberg Hauptbahnhof

Old Nazi Helmuts and Uniforms. In Germany, it is illegal to show the swastika, so all the relics are temporarily covered with tape or magents. So all the white circles you see in the picture are just covering up the symbol.

Again with the censorship. Here we have flags and medals awarded to Nazi soldiers.

A rock band playing in Kunst Verein (Art Union). It was once an SS training warehouse, now turned into an Anti-Fascist music venue.

A typical view of Nurnberg buildings

The Autobahn, Germany’s highway system famous for having no speed limit.

The Maybach museum in Neumarkt. The museum is in the same building as the first bicycle factory in the world.

The church of Nurnberg.

Nurnberg’s biggest contrabution to Bavarian culture – the Nurnberg Bratwurst. As always, served with saurkraut and a Helles Bier.

Autobahn exit towards Neumarkt. On top of the mountain, you can see the old castle ruin.

Church in Nurnberg overlooking the most famous Christmas Market in the world.

A traditional Franken wine tasting in Nurnberg.

The Christ statue in the Christmas Market.

Several interesting sculptures line the streets on Nurnberg like this one.


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