Right Through Bavaria…

October 9, 2009

I boarded a train at 3:44 on route to Neumarkt, a small dorf near Nüremburg. Unfortunately, die Wetter ist kalt, es regnet, und ganz Schlimm (the weather is cold, rainy, and truly terrible).

My reason for the journey is to visit a cousin of a friend I have in the States. When he was 15, he came to Florida and having similair interests in musik, we hit it off. What I find comisch (funny) is that I am not in direct contact with him, but his brother who I have never met. It goes to show how hofflich und freundlich (courteous and friendly) the Germans are.

It has been well over a month since I’ve lived in Bavaria, and already I feel like I have a great handle on the youthful society. Though far from the tropics, the Bavarians have the same “no worries, no problem mon'” attitude.

Large monopolies like Walmart don’t exist, leaving room for great small buisnesses from all sectors of industry; this does not mean that Germany is behind in any way… As a matter of fact, there is wonderfully impressive technology and they’re construction/architecture is unmatched. For example, when I first arrived in Munich, the U-bahn station where I get off to school was an aging mess in need of a makeover. Within 3 weeks, the place became a palace – marble walls, several high-tech motion sensing escaltors, stores, and automated ticket machines.

Now, obviously transportation being vital to the city’s success, the station was probably made a priority… but, for another example, a private 7 story condo building was erected right next to my school in the month I’ve been here. Everyday, I was privledged to see the individual progress. This motive and initiative to complete projects is truly attractive.

As for lifestyles, 50% of München citizens are single…

Bavarians have an old history dating back to the Romans and the gothic barbarians that shaped the region. One thing that has remained an important part of Bayern is how much importance they place on food and drinks. I am lucky enough to live with two amazing gourmet chefs, who spoil me rotten daily.

A typical Bavarian meal consists of Schweinfleisch (Pork roast), Weißwurst (white sauges), rot/sauerkraut ( red or sour cabbage), Gebackenkartoffeln (baked potatoes), and verschiedene Gemüse (assorted vegetables).

Naturally, the drink with every meal is Beer. There are several types, but the two most popular are Weißbier (Wheat Beer) or Helles ( a light, similair to a blonde or pilsner). And like most European cities, its cheaper than water, especially water without gas (all of Europe is hooked on gas-water so much that flat water is hard to come by and relatively expensive).

One of the greatest Bavarian qualities is there love of music… On any given night, you can take short ride to Marianplatz, the old city square, and hear Wagner, Bach, Vivaldi, Schubert’s beautiful masterpieces. Walk, a block or two more and you get jazz, blues, and rock joints.

The most popular music for Europeaners seems to be House, Drums and Bass, and other Elektro. It’s loud, fast, and your able to dance to it.

The most popular destination for 18-25 year olds is the Kultfabrik at the Ostbahnhof S-bahn stop. Kultfabrik is a complex with over 20 large clubs. The party doesn’t ever stop and it is closed to just pedestrians, making it safe and easy to walk.


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