Coca-Cola Fabrik

September 29, 2009

The Coca-Cola Factory in Buchenau, just outside of the city, provides 60% of Munich’s Cola products.

Inside was a marvel of modern robotics and sanitary refreshment making.

To supply restaurants and hotels, the factory fills 9 liter kegs, but they showed us that because McDonalds uses so much a day, it doesn’t have enough room for them. Instead, they are provided with large containers of Cola flavoured syrup, hence why McDonalds Coke and bottles Coke has a different taste.

Also, the two liter bottles are shipped to the factory and begin as a piece of plastic in the shape of a test tube. This way they can sent many more bottles and using heat and pressure, they can blow the plastic into the normal size.

It was impressive to see how much effort is put into recycling. Lastly, there were 3 checkpoints where we were made to wash our hands and wear clothing covers to protect the sanity.


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