Schloss Nymphenburg

September 24, 2009

The Schloss Nymphenburg is a palace in Munich that was used as the royal summer house. It was commissioned by Ferdinand Maria for his son Maximillian II of Bavaria. The Palace is unbelievably ornate and the Baroque era really shines through in the paintings, furniture, and extensive garden. It is also the birthplace of the “mad king” Ludwig II of Bavaria, the same ruler who erected the famous Neuschwanstein Castle (Walt Disney used this as his inspiration for Cinderella’s castle).

Main lobby of the palace

A view of the main lobby from the front garden.

It is hard to imagine how this was only build in a few decades

The left wing

A view from the balcony looking directly at the center of Munich

The same view in a painting

A Baroque era clock

A mantle decorated with musical instruments.

The ceiling fresco in the main lobby. Contains several Greek/Roman gods

A different angle

and once again…

The gold plated walls and crystal chandeliers

Ceberus, the three headed dog that guards the gates of Hades

Zeus, contrapasto with his lightning bolts in hand

I am not sure, but it was directly across from Zeus and am guessing it is Cronus eating his children.

A trophy commemorating the Austria’s loss at the Battle of Austerlitz, one of Napoleons greatest victories in 1805.

One of the many Nymphenburg mistresses.

A portrait of Ludwig II of Bavaria

Another mantle decorated with musical instruments

The coat of arms of Bavaria on a hanging tapestry


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