September 17, 2009

Pablo Picasso, Der Fächer

Pablo Picasso. Der Maler und sein Modell

Pablo Picasso. Sitzende Frau

Pablo Picasso. Buch, Obstschale, und Mandoline

Notice the difference in the masonry on the first and second floors of this building. That is because the Allies bombed the city during World War II and destroyed most of the Universität.

Joseph Beuys. Das Ende des 20 Jahrhunderts

Andy Warhol. Joseph Beuys Portrait

Close-up of Dali´s Apotheose des Homer

Salvador Dali. Apotheose des Homer

Salvador Dali. Das Rätsel der Begierde oder Meine Mutter, Meine Mutter, Meine Mutter

Joseph Scharl. Triumphzug (Victory Parade)

Franz Mark. The painting is an overlook of Europe from the 1880s to 1916… Chaotic and explosive, if only he lived 30 more years…

Gino Severini. Der Krieg

Playing around in the antique appliance gallery

Afri-Cola. Quite possibly one of the wierdest commercials I have ever seen.


Early Mac!

Andy Warhol. Aids, Jeep, Bicycle

Andy Warhol. Converse Extra Special Value

Andy Warhol. Self-Portrait


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