Leopoldstraße Feste

September 13, 2009

Today was the Leopoldstraße Festival. They closed the whole street and set up tons of booths, put up concert tents, and covered the road with beer hall tables. It was great and the surrounding classical German architecture in the heart of the Schwabing District. There, me and my friend discovered an awesome German funk, soul, and jazz band called Orange Fizz. I got their EP for 5€.

There motto is “Funk für die Welt” (Funk for the World).

Skate dancing at its best… this guy rocked

A close look at the Chariot on top of the the Tor

Orange Fizz at the free festival

Far away view of Orange Fizz playing in front of the Tor. They put down beer hall tables all along the street as you can see in the picture.

I thought it was funny that even the Nuns showed up to watch some of the action.

Street performer pretending to not have a head. All the young kindern (kids) were in awe.

They laid down tons of sand at this bar to give it a tropical effect… felt like home!

Jazz duo was great… played a whole bunch of popular tunes in jazz form

The stage closest to Muncher Freiheit

Louis’s Hotel

A deep look into the underground world… welcome to Hades

Funk fur die Welt


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