STUDY abroad

September 10, 2009

Heute machen wir die Modalverben! It was a normal day at school and during lunch time, me and ten other kids went out for lunch at the local Italien restaurant. It is great to converse in mixed-German-Dutch-English-French.

At night, me and my roomate decided to stay in after dinner so that we have energy for tomorrow’s test (not to mention going out on Friday night…).

It was great to talk to my host family Eva and Klaus about the World Wars and Holocaust. It is always interesting to hear a German perspective. They spoke very strongly against the Nazi actions and told me how traurig (sad) Dachau is.

Study time on the S-bahn


One Response to “STUDY abroad”

  1. Herman Shooster said


    I was very interested in the fact that your host family discussed WW2. I would have liked to read more about their take on the whole thing.For example, why there was so much anti-semitism in Germany.

    I hope you are well. It sounds like you are having a great experience.\

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