Bee Em Vee

September 9, 2009

Today I had my first class at 12 o’clock. It was the Sprachlab (language lab) and we went over wichtige Wörter (important words) used for ordering meals. In fact, the central theme behind this whole week is food and food services. It has already proven useful at the local Backerei (bakery).

After, me and my friend from Holland visited the Englischer Garten for a Frisbee break. This is one of the last weeks with warm weather in München, so we are trying to make the most of it. Before my next class, I ate my second sushi meal abroad.

To end the school day off we worked on conversational skills with my other teacher. The day couldn’t be complete without a visit to the BMW Welt, BMW’s main Munich headquarters, museum, and factory. It was one of the most incredible tours I have ever been a part of. Only 29 of us were able to go with our activities manger. The tour took us from the stamping of the raw car hood from a huge roll of sheet metal to the last polish on the test track.

The day was exhausting so me and my roomate ended up watching the news in German at our house. Tschuss!

Playing guitar in the house after a long day at the BMW factory.

BMW Formula 1 car

Notarzt is a paramedic and this is a concept car for the German ambulance.

BMW headquarters shaped like a 4 cylindar car engine

The BMW museum

A beer and billiard at the local Bar

Englischer Garten, the marvel of Munchen


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