What Up Bayern?

September 7, 2009

Today wa my first day of school at the Ef International Spracheschule. It was great to meet people from all corners of the earth. Within my group are people from Holland, Japan, China, Italy, Switzerland, and Venezuela. In my roomate’s group there is a whole bunch of French speaking Belgians, Spanish, Mexicans, and Norweigeners.

We had to take a diagnostic test to see where we placed with our German and luckily I have recieved the same schedule of classes as my Dutch friend.

After the introductionary seminar and test we all took a tour around the Altstadt (old city) and the Zentrum (central area) called Marianplatz.

What I thought was most interesting is the Odeonplatz where Hitler did his famous coup or putsch. The monument is an exact replica of the Odeon in Rome and during the Nazi regime, it was mandatory to sieg heil to the party while walking by. If you opposed the party, you were forced to take a side allyway.

On the same note, my Gastfamilienhaus (family’s guest house) is on the same train route as Dachau. Dachau was an early concentration camp and is now kept as a museum to see the horific reality of historic Bavaria.

After our tour, our activites manager took the whole school, about 80-90 people, to the Englischer Garten. This is the first public park in Europe and is well over twice the size of central park. In the central area is a replica of a Chinese pagoda which serves as a observation tower and bellow it is one of München’s biggest beer gardens.

Tomorrow after classes we will have a chance to visit the BMV Welt. The tour around the BMW factory will show the ingenuity of German engineering and we will actually be able to see a car being assembled from start to finish.

Also, bis später (well, until later)….

The oldest castle in Munich built in the late 12th century

The Hofbrauhaus is one of the most important beer halls in Bavaria. It was owned by the royal court (hence Hof=court) and it is still owned and maintained by the state government. It was here that Hitler made his famous Beer Hall Speeches, spelling out the twenty-five theses of the Nazi Party in 1920.

The Feldherrnhalle at Odeonsplatz where it was mandatory to heil to Hitler.

Statue of Otto von Bismarck in front of the Deutsches Museum. In the late 19th century he served as the Chancellor of the German Empire and helped strategize the three wars of german unification. His legacy by his creation of Realpolitik.

My roomate Louis and me making fun of his D&G super flaunty shoes.


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  1. Mom said

    Tell Luis I like D&G and would love to see his shoes!

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