Nicht Bereit für Schule

September 5, 2009

Welcome sign at the Munchen Hauptbahnhoff

Relics in the Frauenkirche. Notice the skulls on the statue; there are real skeletons exposed inside.

Frauenkirche Clocktower

Organ in St. Michaels at Marienplatz

Three fifers statue

Electrical section of the Deutsche Museum

WWII Nazi Jet Prototype

WWI German Fighter Plane with the Iron Cross

Airplane gun with timer that makes sure that you don’t shoot your own propeller

Musical Instrument Room at the Deutsches Museum

Organ at the Deutsches Museum

Piano Room with Harpsichords and Clavichords

We are Atoms

Shows the effects of a micrometeorite in space, one of the biggest threats to astronauts

Original Cosmonaut Suit

Johannes Gutenburg. Inventor of the movable type and the printing press. One of the main reasons why the German protestant revolution was successful. If it wasn’t for him, Martin Luther would have never been able to spread the word quick enough.


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