Burg und Schlöss

September 4, 2009

Dobrý den: means hello in Czech.

Statue in front of the National Gallery on Vaclavske Street

Soldiers Guarding the Prague Castle

Gateway to the Castle. Notice the Sword and Club

View from top of the Castle

Guard at the end of the Charles Bridge

Prague Castle in the upper right corner

Statue of the existential writer, Franz Kafka

Church of Our Lady before Tyn

Facade of the National Museum

Great King of Prague

Venus of Willendorf

Baby Guerilla Skeleton

Stuffed Ocelot for all the Phish fans

A Whale skeleton

Wooly Mammoth

Knight buried with his weapon of choice

Tweetle Dee, Tweetle Doo, Tweetle Dumb

Busts in the Grand Hall of the National Museum


My dad collecting his stories on his jacket

The longway down on the Prague subway

Westernized Prague – Mall

WWII Memorial

View of Charles Bridge through telescopic scope

Another angle of Prague

Mozart the Great

Jar Jar Binks at the Toy Museum

Relics of the amazing St. Vitus Cathedral

Gargoyles adourning the Cathedral

St. Vitus Organ

The tree of life

Stained glass in St. Vitus

Stained glass in St. Vitus

Facade of St. Vitus

Jazz Boat on the River Vltava

Dancing House

Prague Subway


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