Dobrý Den!

September 4, 2009

We are waiting in the Berlin HBF (hauptbahnhoff) for our train to Prague. It is scheuled to arrive in Czech at 7:20.

The train ride was scenic and smooth, plus we somehow managed to get our own booth on the train. We also passed right through the city of Dresden in Saxony. The city was completely destroyed by allied firebombs in WWII, suffering more casualties then Hiroshima, but today it has been rebuilt to pre-war beauty.

I’ll agree with the critics, Prague is one the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. Better yet, the style and architecture is completely different then any of the other countries I have visited. Prague has was founded on the Vltava River in the 700s.

The first thing we did after checking into the 4th Marriott of our trip was to take the subway to the Old Town Square and grab a bite to eat. Czech money is called the Korun (pronounced Crown) and they’re language is a mix of Latin, Slavic, and local tongues.

To give an example of how much purchasing power we have here-
1000 CZK = 60 US.

We saw the dancing houses and the astronomical clock but now we are exhausted and going to try and wake up early for tomorrow.

Dresden Bahnhoff

Exhausted after my trip to Prague

Sleep is good

The Praha Chocolate Museum

The Prague Astronomical Clock in the Old City Square

A view of the Czech Korun


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