Du Hast Mich!

September 2, 2009

What’s up world! Today was a lazy day in Berlin. All the walking and early wake-ups/late sleeps are catching up to me. The first museum I visited today was the Judisches Zentrum (Jewish Center), not to be confused with the Holocaust museum. The building is odd in its construction because the ground is purposely unlevel and the walls are zig-zagged. The reason the architect choose this style was to create a disorientated atmosphere that would remove all stress and connection to the outside world, which is viscious and hesitant to accept differences.

After, we got off at Uhlandstrase and visited the Story of Berlin, a museum showing the complete modern history of Berlin, starting from early imperial Prussia/Holy Roman Empire to present day.

I was having withdrawls, so we ate at a local sushi restaurant which was delicious and fresh as can be. The restaurant has happy hour from 12:00 to 22:00. During this time, all sushi is 50% off. VERY NICE!!

At night we went to an Irish Bar on Oranienburger Straße. We ate good American style ribs and wings with plenty of beers to boot!

This side of town was occupied by The Soviets and as beautiful as it is, remnants of Cold War infidelity remains in the form of widespread prostitution.

Walking down the street we discovered a club called Zapatas. It was transformed from an old industrial factory and is basically an artist colony, full of ironclad sculptures and heavy machinery shaped like animals. Tomorrow is Praha, the capitol of Czech Republic.

Swastikas adourning a replicated Nazi headquarters.

A visual map of the post-WWII split of Berlin

Moscow, Frankfurt, etc…

Prussian family statue

Tribute to Prussian war machine

Modern Bell Tower in the Tiergarten

View of the Hauptbahnhoff

Roll of Yellow Jude Stars at the Judische Zentrum

Shisha on Oranienburger Straße


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