Jam in the Dam

August 30, 2009

Amsterdam is the friendliest city in the world… Entrenched with dozens of dams, the city channels everyone onto tiny side roads and allyways. We walked down the main drag and grabbed a bite to eat at authentic Thai and Nepalese restaurant. After, we checked out the local coffeeshops and now we understand why so many tourists come to visit. All the people are young and lively; either shwashing down buckets of beer or dancing to europop tracks. Inside the coffeeshops, there is couches, good music, and fun people. Now time for a Strongbow and a game of pool…

In the morning we visited the Rijksmuseum to see the grandeour of 17th century Dutch Golden Age. Franz Halls, Rembrandt, and Vermeer fill the walls.
Next, we visited the Van Gogh museum and ate a traditional Dutch lunch consisting of lachs, fine bread, chicken meatballs, and a beef pastry.
Our tour of museums didn’t stop with the Van Gogh. In central Amsterdam, we walked up and down the RDL (red light district) and stumbled upon the weed and hemp museum. Yesturday was special because we aimlessly walked around all of Western Amsterdam.

At night we went to a local Irish Pub and ordered a few drinks. We found a Jazz club and it was amazing. The house band stuck with classic American standards; Coltrane, Miles, and Dizzy. We met these two local Dutchmen. Both are theatre students and we had a great discussion about the differences between USA and Holland.

Strongbow of course

Friendly place

Orgelkirche (Organ Church)

Cafe Jazz Alto

Hemp Museum

Franz Halls

Me working on the fields of Holland


One Response to “Jam in the Dam”

  1. Shawn said

    Whats up? You’re trip has barely started. It is boring as hell here.

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