In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

August 28, 2009

Day one was a great success!! My dad and I woke up early to fly into New York for the night to kick off the European trek with the Allman Brothers. The show was amazing and all day we played frisbee on Jones Beach in Long Island. Somehow, we started the day off with nose bleed seats but after playing around the ampitheatre we scored 3 center orchestra seats for my dad, his childhood friend Barry, and me. On top of that we were able to convince the VIP security gaurd to give us passes for $20. Tomorrow afternoon, our flight leaves to London and from there we somehow connect to Amsterdam. We’ll see how that goes. Yagshamesh…

Allman Brothers at Jones Beach

The Three Trouble-makers


One Response to “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”

  1. Stephen Shooster said

    That’s my oldest friend Barry with my son and I. This is the kickoff event for something to me as a dad is like the circle of life … Let it be… Let it be…

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