Hello friends!

July 19, 2009

As of August 28th 2009, I will be entering the European Union and residing in the beautiful German city Munich until December 14th. I’ve created this website so that all of you can track my daily accomplishments, mishaps, and troubles that I experience over the course of these four exciting months. It’s also a way for me to retain the memories because God knows that the Weißbiere (wheat beer) will get to me. Also for those interested in learning some German phrases and travel hot spots in Europe, this will be a good guide. I will try to hold no stories back, as humiliating or ridiculous as they might be. As the days go on, I’m sure this site will grow with more pages, so keep checking back. Thanks and enjoy!


2 Responses to “Hello friends!”

  1. Josh said

    Awesome this is great man.. Can’t wait to start reading the crazy adventures you will encounter.. Wish I could join you.

    ein liebe

  2. Mom said

    Hey Jason, this is awesome! This is also the beginning of many adventures in your life abroad. Use this site as a journal. Perhaps one day it will be a book… Love you and will miss you terribly! Wish I could come along!

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